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We take great pride in our comprehensive range of top-of-the-line equipment and vehicles. With our extensive fleet, we are fully equipped to tackle any construction project with efficiency, precision, and excellence.



Our powerful excavators are the backbone of our earthmoving operations. Whether it’s digging foundations, trenching, or site preparation, these machines provide the muscle needed to handle even the most challenging terrain.



Our fleet of bulldozers ensures efficient land clearing and grading. With their robust blades and exceptional pushing power, they effortlessly level the ground, making way for construction and ensuring a solid foundation.



Our versatile loaders are essential for material handling and loading tasks. From transporting aggregates to backfilling, these machines are indispensable for maintaining a smooth workflow and keeping construction sites running seamlessly.



Our state-of-the-art cranes are the epitome of precision and strength. With various types and sizes available, we can effortlessly lift and position heavy objects, enabling efficient construction of towering structures and precise placement of materials.


Dump Trucks:

Our fleet of dump trucks provides reliable and efficient transportation of bulk materials. With their durable construction and high-capacity beds, they can swiftly and safely deliver materials such as sand, gravel, and construction debris to and from the construction site.


Concrete Mixers and Pump Trucks:

Our specialized concrete mixers and pump trucks ensure a reliable and efficient supply of high-quality concrete on-site. From mixing to pouring, we have the equipment necessary to handle all your concrete needs.



Our dependable generators provide uninterrupted power supply, ensuring smooth operations on construction sites where access to the electrical grid may be limited. They power our equipment, tools, and lighting, keeping productivity at its peak.



Safety is our priority, and our top-grade scaffolding systems provide a secure working environment for our construction teams. These temporary structures ensure easy access to elevated areas, allowing our skilled workers to carry out their tasks efficiently and safely.


Construction Vehicles: Our well-maintained fleet of construction vehicles, including pickup trucks, utility vehicles, vans, and service vehicles, supports our logistics and transportation needs. These vehicles ensure that our team and equipment reach the site promptly, contributing to efficient project management.


At Hema Construction, we believe that quality equipment is the foundation for delivering exceptional results. We continuously invest in our fleet, ensuring that we have the latest technology and machinery to meet the demands of diverse construction projects.


Rest assured that when you choose Hema Construction, you are partnering with a company equipped with the best-in-class equipment and vehicles, operated by skilled professionals dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of construction.