Chitipa – Ilomba (T301 – D002) Road in Chitipa District

Scope of Works

1.1             Description of the Works

a)          General

The Chitipa – Ilomba – Tanzania Border Road is an earth road which lies in the northern part of Malawi and is approximately 31 km long. The road is the shortest route to the neighbouring Tanzanian town of Isongole in Irenje District. The road connects with the upgraded section of M009 at Chitipa Boma and traverses through the low lying areas towards the northern western tip of Malawi and leaves the M009, into T301 and D002 to connect with the Tanzanian Border at Songwe River. 

The Project will involve the upgrading of the existing earth road to bitumen standard with a 6.8m carriageway and 1.5m shoulder on each side and the construction of several drainage structures.

The road has been divided into three (3) Lots for implementation purposes with Lot 1starting from Chitipa (km 0+000) to km 10+000, Lot 2 from Km10+000 to Km 20+000 and Lot 3 from Km 20+000 to Km 31+000 Songwe border at Ilomba.

b)          Pavement

The pavement layers shall constitute construction of selected fill layers, gravel sub base courses, crushed stone base and 50mm Asphaltic Concrete surfacing.

c)          Structures

•    Pipe Culverts

The works shall involve installation of 900mm diameter precast concrete pipes on Class B bedding.

•    Box Culverts

The works shall involve construction of fifteen (15) box culverts of various sizes, seven (7) box culverts under Lot 1, five (5) box culverts under Lot 2, three (3) box culverts under Lot 3

•    Bridges

The project will involve construction of new single 14m span bridge across Kaghoma River at km 24+800 under Lot 3. The bridge shall have 6.8m carriageway with 1.5m shoulder on each side.

d)          Appurtenant Works

•     General

The road will include among others, the following appurtenant works; construction of, Construction of bus bays, lined drains, kerbing works, road studs, shaping of road slopes and street lighting.

•     Road Signage

All temporally road signs used during construction shall conform to requirements of SABS 1519 and shall be in Retro-reflective material.

Road sign details have been provided in the book of drawings. Unless advised otherwise by the Engineer, the upgrading works shall install all signs as indicated in the Book of Drawings. Section 5400 of the Technical Specifications applies.

•     Road Markings

Road marking details are provided in the book of drawings. Retro-reflective paint complying with the requirements of SABS 731-1 for type 1 paint shall be used.

Road marking will typically involve the white centreline, yellow lane demarcation lines, stop marking, pedestrian markings among others.