Dunduzu Nkhorongo Road

We are delighted to announce road construction project in Mzuzu City, Malawi, titled “Upgrading of Mzuzu City Roads – Dunduzu to Nkhorongo to Choma Turn Off.” This significant initiative, funded by the Malawi Government, aims to improve the city’s road infrastructure and contribute to the overall development and connectivity of the region. With a contract period of 1,095 days, this project marks a crucial step towards enhancing transportation networks and fostering economic growth.

Project Overview:
The project will focus on upgrading the existing road section from Dunduzu to Nkhorongo, extending to the Choma turn off. By enhancing this vital transportation corridor, the Mzuzu City Roads project will positively impact local communities, businesses, and commuters. The construction efforts will involve extensive planning, design, and execution, ensuring that the upgraded roads meet safety standards, support increased traffic flow, and accommodate future growth.

Commencement and Contract Period:
We are pleased to inform you that the construction is scheduled to commence on the 14th of July 2022. The contract period spans 1,095 days, reflecting the extensive nature of the project and the dedication to delivering a high-quality road network to the citizens of Mzuzu City.