Machinga Irrigation Construction

An irrigation site that aims to revolutionize farming in the Machinga district. Our team at Hema Constructions has been tirelessly working to harness the power of nature and engineering to bring water to the arid lands and pave the way for prosperous agricultural endeavors. Join us as we delve into the details of this groundbreaking initiative.


Building the Inlet: Our first task was to tap into the abundant water resource available in the nearby river. With meticulous planning and expertise, we designed and constructed a sturdy inlet system that efficiently captures water from the river. This crucial step formed the foundation of our ambitious irrigation project.

Channeling Water through Canals: To transport the water to the farming areas, we constructed a network of canals spanning over 500 meters. These carefully engineered channels serve as lifelines, ensuring a steady flow of water to nourish the crops. The construction of these canals required precise calculations and meticulous execution to maintain optimal water levels and minimize wastage.

Creating Two Dams: Recognizing the need for water storage and distribution, we built two strategically located dams. The first dam, situated at the end of the canal system, acts as a reservoir, providing a stable supply of water to the surrounding farming schemes. Over another 500 meters, we constructed a second dam to further augment the water resources. These dams serve as critical checkpoints, enabling controlled distribution of water throughout the district.

Promoting Accessibility with Road Construction: In addition to the irrigation site, we realized the importance of accessibility for farmers and local communities. Therefore, we undertook the task of building a road network connecting the irrigation site to the surrounding areas. This road not only facilitates transportation of agricultural produce but also ensures ease of movement for locals, opening up new opportunities for growth and development.